Le Grand Chimpanzé, 2012



Bernard BESSOUD (born in 1947)


Contemporary sculptor, Bernard Bessoud’s art work is classical. With his many trips in Africa (Mozambique; South Africa; Botswana; Zimbabwe), he knows how to attract the pertinence of animal’s expression and movement, of savanna. But not only, his bestiary interests animals of others continents too. Reticent, Bessoud has a small and limited production. His attention to details can also be seen in the execution of his patinas, that are as realistic as possible to the animal. Among his masterpieces, there are the elephant, the lion, the chimpanzee, the rhinoceros…

Réf. 6225

Patinated bronze
Chapon Foundry, 2022
Signed and numbered


– 52 x 125 x 50 cm
– 20 1/2 x 49 1/4 x 19 5/8 in.


Certificate by the artist

PROVENANCE : Artist’s studio


From an early age, Bernard Bessoud was drawn to drawing, painting and then sculpture, perpetually concerned with detail that provokes emotion. He devotes himself to it regularly, and tirelessly, in parallel with a first busy professional life.
Arnaud Bessoud has always been immersed in an artistic universe. He made his mark with drawing, pastel, oil, drawing inspiration from the greatest and then creating in his turn. The sculpture and restoration of historical monuments (notably the Cathedral of Reims or the Opéra Garnier in Paris) then opened up new horizons for him.
Then it was at the Chapon foundry, one of the last art foundries in Paris, that he discovered ancestral know-how and innovative methods of working bronze. Last decisive step which will mark the beginning of a common, artistic and subsidiary adventure, a: BAB, Bernard & Arnaud Bessoud.
Like a parallel and invisible thread, Africa determines what will be, they ignore it then, their initiatory journey. At the dawn of the 2000s, they left together and discovered Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe… Their objective: to capture the accuracy of animal expression as closely as possible.
Upon their return, they set to work on their work, Le Bestiaire, a set of bronze animal sculptures. They then sculpt in total harmony, always with four hands, sometimes even with six, when their daughter and sister Elise joins them. The family, always.
They then quickly made themselves known by the art world, galleries, entertainment personalities, passionate amateurs and exhibited in France and internationally, from Houston to Miami, London, Monaco, Moscow, Brussels or Gstaad… And continue to draw their inspiration from the spectacle of a wild world that fascinates them.








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