Chez le Satrape de Susiane, 1891


The XIXth Century

Georges ROCHEGROSSE (1859-1938)



He was one of the most prestigious painters of his time, adulated and covered with honors, he was none the less an archaeologist, painting great reconstructions of classical antiquity but also more intimate and sensual paintings. Coming from an intellectual and artistic background, Rochegrosse was a pupil of the famous Académie Julian, then a student of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts where he was twice a logist in the Prix de Rome competition. In 1883, the Prix du Salon allowed him a trip to Italy, then to the various European capitals. His great love, Marie Leblond, was throughout his life his muse and the heroine of his works. She was empress, goddess, femme fatale… The couple spent the winter months at El-Biar, on the heights of Algiers Bay, where the painter often found the oriental decorations of his compositions.


Paris (musée d’Orsay, musée Victor Hugo), Rouen, Sens, Alger, Amiens, Grenoble, Lille, Mulhouse, Rouen, Leipzig, Montpellier, Moulins


– “Georges Roche grosse” Album Mariani, vol.II, Paris 1896.
– J. Valmy-Baysse, Peintres d’aujourd’hui: Georges Roche grosse, n°7, Paris, n.d.
– “Une visite au peintre Roche grosse” Afrique du Nord Illustrée, Alger, 1er février 1908

Réf. 6076



Oil on canvas




– 45 x 56 cm (68 x 80 cm cadre inclus)
– 17 3/4 x 22 in. (26 3/4 x 31 1/2 in.framed)



PROVENANCE : Private collection


EXHIBITION : Exposition Internationale des Beaux-Arts de Monte Carlo


In the Persian Empire, the Satrap was the governor of a province, generally acquired militarily. He sets order there and has the task of enlarging the territory of the Empire. His very high functions and the income attached to it allowed him to lead a lavish life. This very realistic work by Georges Rochegrosse, shows us the interior of the house of a very high and very rich official of the time. In his room, the Satrap and his favorite have invited a dancer and a young musician, attentive to the fact that the light sounds of his lute do not disturb the tranquility of the place. At the head of the bed, a tray garnished with fruits, flasks and precious cups, awaits the good will of the master of the place.










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